Moon Sign Analysis

The Moon Sign helps to define our emotional development, or express the subconscious side of our personality. Moon Signs explain why we do what we do. Why we behave the way we do. Why we react to the outside world as we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace. This can also be the place where anger, hate, jealousy and fear may be found. That unsettled subconscious that we have difficulty dealing with sometimes.

sun sign and moon sign moon sign personality moon sign love match moon sign compatibility chart moon sign calculator moon sign and rising sign moon sign astrology and moon sign The Moon can also influence our senses depending on its placement in your birth chart. Most people will have their Moon in a Sign that is different from their Sun sign. This is why many people with the same Sun Sign can be so different from each other. As we have mentioned before, people are not made up of just one sign, but a agglomeration of all the signs and how they interact with each other. Some people may feel when they read a description of their Sign, that it is not representative of them. It may feel incomplete, or not even accurate. In some cases a Moon Sign may be a more accurate description of what a person is like.

If your Moon Sign is the same as your Sun Sign, you may find that it amplifies the traits of that given Sign. This would make you a “double” of your Sign, such as a “double Gemini.” The Moon also governs the heart, stomach, brain, bladder, bowels and the left eye. It has influence with the glands and fluids of the body.

The Moon is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden. This is why some people may behave as a Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde. On points where your Sun and Moon Signs are compatible, they will work together to help you get through the hardships and accomplish your goals. Where they are not compatible, you will feel conflicting desires or be at odds with yourself in some way. That inner struggle that we are all very familiar with. For example, if your Moon is in Gemini, you may be very changeable emotionally. You may get stressed out easily, and the more people you discuss your issues with, the more confused you may become. Scorpio Moons also deal with a lot of stress, but tend to keep it all under wraps. Jealousy may be a big problem for a person with a Scorpio Moon. Aries Moons are headstrong, aggressive and may be difficult to control. They do best if they can find a physical outlet for their emotions, like sports. An individuals Moon Sign can offer insight in how to reach your inner child.

Find your Moon Sign

If you don’t know what Sign your Moon was in, you’ll gain a lot more insight into your inner workings once you do. Use our free birth chart calculator to determine your Moon Sign. All you need is your birth date and time of birth. Since the Moon moves through each Sign so quickly (in about 2-1/4 days), the time of birth is important. If you don’t know what time you were born, you can calculate your birth date at 12:01am and again at 11:59pm. If they are both the same Moon Sign, you have been successful. If they are different, read the descriptions for both and figure out which best describes you.

Follow the links below for a more detailed description of your Moon Sign and later compare that with your Sun sign for a greater understanding.


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